Christopher tells: (English)

We started to give my mother moringa to help with her memory. she was 85 years old and on diaylisus for ten years. she decided that it was enough and did not want any more diaylisus. She gave up in may 2015. The consultant and doctors told us to stop giving her any medication. prepare for her to die in 2 weeks. this we did but we still gave her the moringa.
two spoonfuls in the morning mixed in her porridge plus a cup of moringa leaf in a drink in the is now the 7 february 2017 and she is still with us. this is to the amazement of doctors, nurses medical people. when i come to tenerife 4 times a year i come to your peacful garden and buy the products. i have recomended this product to so many people with arthuritus, stomach and bowel problems ,skin complaints. there has been improvement to all these people.
this is a wonderful pure product.
The staff at the moringagarden are wonderful so helpful. christine and tanya
i will be coming over in may and bringing some engloish people to show them your product which has helped them with diabetes and blood pressure. and ar now using moringa.
even an english couple who live in tenerife. the husband had a severe stoke. and high colestrol. now with the moringa his blood pressure is down and his sugar levels are down.

moringa is a miracle plant .but if harvested naturally, as in the moringa garden in guimar tenerife

best regards
mr christopher arquati.

os thank you for extending my mothers life

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